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North County San Diego’s only Shaolin Kempo Karate and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu studio

Our Martial Arts classes give you the added focus, discipline and confidence needed in today’s society. Each student receives a private lesson and unlimited group classes each week.

Our Street-Smart Kids program teaches your children effective self defense and bully prevention. “Children Today, Leaders Tomorrow” Be Inspired, Encouraged and Empowered. Ages 4 and up.

Our Adults program (for men & women, ages 14+) focuses on Traditional Martial Arts methods for a strong foundation as well as a HEAVY influence of practical training such as Sparring, Grappling, and defenses against Weapons.

Our Women’s Self Defense program offers simple and realistic striking methods and grab escapes against bigger and stronger opponents.

Achieve Your Goals

Build a strong foundation in your life with practical self-defense skills

Martial Arts Programs

For All Ages

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