Rajy A.

My family has been going to this dojo for 3 plus years now. Three of us (ages 10, 12, 45) are enrolled in the complete martial arts program, while my older daughter attends the women’s self defense classes as her schedule allows.

This dojo is not for the faint hearted! Sensei Jason is tough. You will be pushed mentally and physically, no matter your age or ability. You will gain confidence, strength (inner and physical), self defense skills, as well as leadership skills as you move through the belt ranks. if you are looking to get your black belt quickly this is not the place for you. However, if you are looking for the skills that make you a black belt candidate, then this is your dojo.

Each member of my family has gone through difficult times at the dojo because of being challenged to do and experience new techniques and situations. But each one of us has come up on top and we all feel that we have gained confidence because of these experiences. We all walk with our heads held higher because of our training at this dojo.

An advantage to this dojo is that you get private lessons in addition to classes. Sensei Jason is also very accommodating to ever changing schedules. If you miss a private lesson, Sensei does everything he can to make it up. If you end up not making up a missed private, it’s because of YOU.

As a Mom, I have found so many benefits to joining this dojo. One of the most important ones to me, is that it connects me directly to my kids. I don’t always share the same interests as my kids, especially my son, but this has connected us in a special way. We share stories/lessons/ideas, practice together at home, and even teach each other. I know first hand how what my kids are going through as they work through the ranks and it gives us a special bond. I highly recommend parents consider doing this program with their kids.

Lastly, all students are respectful and kind to new comers. Every student in that dojo has been the new person and knows what it feels like. If you come in, you will definitely be welcomed!

Hiro D.

Initially, I was looking a Japanese Karate studio for my son, since I grew up in Japan and trained in the system which extremely developed both mental and physical strength. But, I found a Martial Arts studio that gave the same benefits. It has been over 4 years since my son has started, and I highly recommend this place.

1) Real Martial Arts:
This studio teaches not only karate but also other martial arts forms in a hybrid fighting system, for all kinds of situations that may arise. Many students from this studio have placed in regional tournaments held by the United Studios of Self Defense (USSD).

2) The experienced instructor:
The instructor, Sensei Jason Sell, is very passionate about the martial art, and has dedicated many, many years to it.

3) School P.E. Credit:
Now my son, who is in middle school, takes the independent study physical education (I.S.P.E) program by taking Martial Arts classes at this studio. Instead of taking regular school PE, this class may be a good opportunity for school PE credit.

Eric T.

I have been studying under Jason for several months now, and what a great experience it has been! My first interaction with Jason was a phone call in which I laid out my goals, and he gave me a very accurate overview of how each one would be reached through his specific program. So far, all my expectations have been met.

The approach is rather unique in that we focus on several styles of combat, incorporating elements of Shaolin Kempo (main focus), Kung Fu, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Although forms, techniques, and defensive maneuvers are heavily covered, there is at least one class per week in which sparring is the focus. I particularly enjoy this class for the physical and mental challenge it introduces. I would almost consider this program, at least in the way I experience it, to reflect a bit of MMA without the meathead mentality. Most importantly, Jason takes time to ensure his students are growing in character as well as fighting skill; his hope is that we will become role models in society who will avoid fighting whenever possible but will never be afraid to step in to defend ourselves or someone else. I was introduced to this program by a close friend, and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in developing the mental and physical skills necessary for self defense.